Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day Cupcakes

Yes, I know this is late. Mother's Day was very busy with work, baking, cleaning, and other mom projects. Since then I have been busy with my new fast paced pastry class. Anywho....on with the Mother's Day Cupcakes!!!

Ta-Da! So pretty on the outside :)

Not so pretty on the inside :( Boooo!

They were supposed to be bright pink and purple on the inside.
However, I decided to make the white cake batter from scratch,
which ended up being yellowish cake instead...grrrr!

But don't they look cute in their to-go container?! I love it :)

So even though I was pleased with the outer appearance, and the inner faded pink and purple were good enough this time around, I wasn't loving the recipes I used. They were decent tasting but I have yet to find a buttercream icing that I LOVE. Although both recipes were VERY easy and fast, so that was nice. If I make the icing again I will use less cream.

Quick Vanilla Buttercream Frosting
Simple White Cake (remember this is not like the white you will get from a store bought mix. it's yellowish)


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