Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More Cupcakes!

So my friend invited my boyfriend and I over for a double date. Since they are cooking us dinner she asked if I would bring some cupcakes. She didn't get to try my 4th of July cupcakes that everyone loved, so I thought I would make those again.

And some minimal frosting cupcakes for my boyfriend. (If I give him a normal one he would wipe off most of the frosting...this may even be too much for him. We shall see..)

Next week I plan on making some Hawaiian inspired cupcakes (maybe even from scratch! lol) for a luau we are having at work, plus some yummy jello treats! So check back!



  1. I love the looks of these - totally delicious and oh so cute all rolled up into one cute cupcake! Your boyfriend and my husband sound a lot alike mine is also sans sweet tooth when it comes to frosting (and I like mine Sa-weet!) You did a great job keeping it beautiful while the frosting remained at a minimum. Thanks for sharing and I can't wait to see what's in store for next week!!!

  2. Wowwee those cupcakes look soooo good... and pretty too!!!! I'll definately be trying out that recipe! Thanks for sharing that one!!