Thursday, November 26, 2009

Time to Give Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Today is a day to give thanks for what we are grateful for.

Today (and everyday) I am grateful for:
  • Life
  • Love
  • My wonderful family and friends
  • That everyone I love is safe, happy and healthy
  • The roof over my head, the food on the table and the clothes on my back
  • Yesterday, today, tomorrow and all the days to come
I hope you all have a wonderful day spending time with the ones who mean the most to you, and filling up on delicious Thanksgiving yummies!


I had to make a bread centerpiece for my baking class and this is what I chose to do.
It turned out much better than I thought it would. :o)

The before and after baking photos.

We were not allowed to use food color, so I used coffee extract, and red pepper to color the dough. Unfortunately you lose a lot of color during baking. The breads that I used were challah without yeast and a decorating dough and I used sesame seeds to give the turkey some texture.


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  1. I love, love, love your centerpiece!!! Happy Thanksgiving!